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Re: solved (was: Re: Package Dependencies

In foo.debian-policy, Adrian Lopez wrote:
> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > Package: equivs
> Hello... I would have never thought of looking for such a package. It
> would really be much better to have a way of doing the same by using
> built in features in the package management system's frontend program.
> It would be more visible this way, and less of a hack.

This could be harmful.  I assume you are talking about some key-combination
in dselect that when pressed would create an empty package with the
same name and dependency info as the currently selected package.
Adding a local package and tricking the package management system into
believing that it is a normal package *is* a hack, and making it easy
to do from dselect would only legitimize it in the eyes of the userbase,
encourage its use, and make bug-hunting that much harder.


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