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Re: smarter way to differ architectures needed?

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> However, everything here assumes that only one OS will be used.
> Support is required for another field, <system>, eg
> <system>  = {all,linux,hurd,etc}
> In sid this is already done this way:
> /debian/dists/<dist>/<section>/<type>-<system>-<arch>/<subsection>/
> This isn't the only way it could be done, however I don't
> see anything wrong with this approach, so I will assume it
> will the one will continue to use.

Wasn't debian-hurd supposed to become compatible with normal linux
binaries, so that no recompilation has to take place? That way
<system> would not be needed.

If hurd stays incompatible with linux, put hurd stuff into


and netbsd stuff into


and so on. Its no use mixing hurd stuff with linux stuff, iff they
stay incompatible. People will get confused and download the wrong

Also its much easier to mirror or download the stuff. Actually I would 
also like some symliks with a different ordering:


> For completeness, another completely different approach could look like:
> /debian/dists/<dist>/<section>/<arch>/<type>-<system>/<subsection>/
> this would allow downloading all files associated with a specific <arch>
> more easily, for instance, if somebody wanted to mirror multiple systems
> on his/her computer/cd of a given <arch>.

Well, maybe a script should create symlink farms for all types or
orderings possible. :)

> eg: this would allow all linux specific files to go into:
> /debian/dists/<dist>/<section>/<type>-linux-all/<subsection>/
> Similarly, this would allow all hurd specific files to go into:
> /debian/dists/<dist>/<section>/<type>-hurd-all/<subsection>/

May the Source be with you.

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