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OK, so what about fsstnd? or will debian create its own file system standard
-document-? Will it technically affect debian one way or the other if debian
goes its own way? 

That is to say, given two scenarios in which all packages follow the rules of
the scenario; in one case, using an external standard and in the other, using
only part of a standard: will there be -technical- benefit or penalty by 
choosing one or the other?

What if I, as admin, desire -strongly- to follow the standard? Am I OUT OF
LUCK with debian? Or will there be a choice within debian? Never mind why
I'd want to follow the standard, assume I'm one of say 500,000 admins that
would like to follow an accepted standard.

Should debian choose to not follow the standard all the way, will there be a
DFHS document? If not, my opinion is going against a standard would be a
bad thing. How do we teach debian admin courses in classrooms, for example?

If teaching is irrelevent and stability due to standards is unimportant,
why shouldn't schools choose redhat? (what a horrible, gross thought...) 
But debian -is- going to produce such a document, because to not do so would 
leave debian without important documentation, a situation considered by 
debian to be a bug. No doubt it would be fixed quickly, or is already taken
care of. That is, -if- debian cares about standards...


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