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Re: Size of Optional - policy and name for new Priority

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:

> It's clear that Optional is far too large.  Although we nominally say
> that packages for which you need to have a special requirement before
> you want to install them should go in Extra, this rule hasn't been
> well enforced, and is in any case contentious.
> [...]

Your proposal is *very* interesting.

However, before introducing a new priority, could we please make the
distribution consistent according to the current priorities?

Some time ago, I proposed a policy amendment for the definition of
Optional, I got two seconds, no objections, and two weeks of time passed.
Is this already policy? May I retitle the bug to [AMENDMENT]?

This would make a lot of packages to be moved from optional to extra.

This way, IMHO, we would have a more clear picture of the issue.


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