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Bug#34652: PROPOSAL] Policy is not clear about nawk.

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > The bug:
> > =======
> > 
> > The /usr/doc/debian-policy/virtual-package-names-list.text.gz file says:
> > 
> > awk                     Anything providing suitable /usr/bin/{awk,nawk}
> > 
> > So: Is "nawk" an approved virtual package name or not? It appears in the
> > right-hand side but not in the left-hand side!
> I don't see the problem.  awk is a virtual package that provides the
> binaries /usr/bin/awk and /usr/bin/nawk, both of them new awks.

Do you mean that a single line in the list of virtual packages is enough
to state as policy that "every awk should provide the binary /usr/bin/nawk"?

If this were the case, it should be clearly written in the policy,
not in a single line in the virtual packages list. Hence the bug.

(But I think it should not be the case, hence my proposal).


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