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Re: Idea for non-free organization

>>"Robert" == Robert Woodcock <rcw@oz.net> writes:

 Robert> Manoj probably won't like this, since it borders on giving
 Robert> legal advice, but here goes:

	I don't. This is grief we do not need. It is not borders on, I
 think it is giving legal advice. We mistakenly put a tag on a package
 incorrectly, we are liable too, even though logically, sanely, and
 other wise the cd maker should check.

	If you feel this strongly, put the information on your
 personal web page.

 Robert> Keep in mind Policy section 2.1:

 Robert> * We want to make as much software available as we can.
 Robert> * We want to encourage everyone to write free software.

 Robert> * We want to make it easy for people to produce CD-ROMs of our system
 Robert>   without violating any licenses, import/export restrictions, or any
 Robert>   other laws.

	The key word is *OUR SYSTEM*. Non free stuff is not part of
 Debian. We do not make it easy for peole to package sunsite either. 

	We should not spend the time, and incur the liability, to
 make it easier to package stuff that is not part of Debian in the
 first place. 

	The rest of this message is my personal opinion. The
 objections above are nuetral.

	Making it easier to package and distribute non-free software,
 in my opinion, hurts the free software community anyway. In my
 opinion, we should really be educating people and protecting them
 from non-free software ;-)

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