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Re: Bug reporting proceedure, was Re: Bug#24066: libc6: rsh segfaults as , a result of new libc 2.0.7r2

>>"Rob" == Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

 Rob> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
 >> What I am requesting is that the submitter of a bug take some time, in
 >> exchange for the time they expect from the maintainer, and verify that the
 >> bug has not been reported already. If it has, it is appropriate to send
 >> the maintainer a confirmation that you also experienced the bug and any
 >> additional information you can contribute to the solution. This
 >> confirmation should be CC'd to the original bug report, for continuity
 >> purposes. But creating an additional report is both confusing and
 >> administrativly ugly.

 Rob> This should be mandated (I thought it was).  Not that I've always been
 Rob> as careful as I should have been, but I've tried to be pretty good.
 Rob> It's extremely helpful (especially for high-traffic-area/critical
 Rob> packages like X and libc) that you not end up with floods of redundant
 Rob> bugs.

	Umm, no. It would be nice if they did it, but a novce user is
 perfectly free to just file a bug report. I know I often do. I find
 an error, usually that by itself is a frustrating experience, also,
 it is likely to be in the middle of a largish upgrade (I upgrade ever
 so often). I am not into going over and looking up stuff in the
 archive for a dozen pacxkages; I just send a report.

	Make bug reporting any more onerous than it is, and peole
 merely stop filing reports.

	For the most part the maintainer knows the bugs on a package
 better than anyone else, and the maintainers are fairly well versed
 in the Bug system; merging bugs is not all that hard.

	I realize when you inherit a package with a gazillion bugs
 that is not as easy; but it gets better as you get more familiar with
 the bugs on your packages.

 Rob> Not only that, but the user might discover a workaround in the bug log
 Rob> that helps them out.  This might be the best way to "sell" the idea :>

	Yes. It is a good idea. It just should not be mandatory.


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