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Re: Bug#21969: debian-policy: needs clarification about Standards-Version

>>"Martin" == Martin Mitchell <martin@debian.org> writes:

Martin> "Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:
>> To get the meaning you want, the text should say:
>> "Packages should specify only the first three digits ..." or just
>> "Packages should specify the first three digits ..."

Martin> Correct, however I think that was the intention of the
Martin> wording, and it should be clarified to avoid any confusion.

	Why are you so sure that was the intention of the wording,
 when the wording says something entirely different? "only have to
 specify" has a distinct and exact meaning in English, but you are so
 sure your interpretation is correct (against all prior art --- look
 at the hello package, and see how many letters the standards version
 specifies) that you want to ignore what is written and push your own
 interpretation on it.

	Even if the intention was what you say (and I think it was not
 -- I think the intention was what was actually written), it would be
 wrong, since every single package in the distribution would have
 to be changed, for no benefit whatsoever.

	Give it up.

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