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Re: PW#5-16: Use of /usr/src

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: PW#5-16: Use of /usr/src"):
> 	Umm, no. The kernel-* package maintainers use kernel-package,
>  which produces (and has produced, in the past) the packages
>  kernel-{headers,source,doc,image}-<version>. There is no interaction
>  required between the two sets of maintainers (libc-dev and kernel-*)

Why can't the kernel-package scripts arrange to create
 libc-headers_ $version
instead of

> 	But that is duplication of a package; it shall exists as
>  kernel-headers-<version> and libc-kernel-headers, the former since it
>  is automatically produced for all kernel-* packages (offcial or
>  unofficial packages); it is produced since people still use it.

Why can't we remove it in favour of the libc-headers package ?

> 	I have, at the moment, 2 different kernel-header packages from
>  two different kernel versions. I use them for experimental modules
>  that I build. That is reason enough for kernel-headers-2.0.34.

Very few people need to do this; those that do can just install the
relevant kernel source trees by hand.


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