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Re: programs by Dan Bernstein

>>"Roberto" == Roberto Lumbreras <rover@lander.es> writes:

Roberto> On Wednesday, March 11 1998, at 11:49:09, Philip Hands wrote:
Phillip> My (not particularly elegant) solution was to add a step to
Phillip> the end of the : package build that creates a package called
Phillip> qmail-src, which contains the : .orig,.diff and .dsc files
Phillip> under /usr/src/qmail-src, along with a script :
Phillip> /usr/bin/build-qmail. : : The idea is that a user installs
Phillip> qmail-src, runs qmail-build and ends up with : a qmail.deb,
Phillip> without needing to know anything about building packages in :
Phillip> general.

Roberto> hmmm...

Phillip> : They can then remove qmail-src, and install qmail.deb as a
Phillip> normal package on : as many systems as they please.

Roberto> What about building automaticaly in postinst? I'd like to see
Roberto> some policy about this...

	I think that is a bad idea. Upgrades take long enough without
 having packages do full builds in postinst. Also, if the build fails,
 it is not easy to redo it (I know about /var/lib/dpkg/info)

	Secondly, it is easier to provide options to a stand alone
 package, which can handle things like dry run options. It also
 reduces prompting on install.

	You are right, we need policy on this. It should be forbidden
 to do this in postinst, IMHO, but people may think that is too


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