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Re: Bug#19133: distributed-net: support PPP -- /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/distributed-net wanted

>>"Adam" == Adam P Harris <apharris@onshore.com> writes:

aph> [ -x /usr/bin/distributed-net ] && distributed-net -update
>>  Please do not implement the ip-up script exactly like that, since
>> it would suddenly start doing stuff at every net connection on
>> upgrade. Instead, have the script read a file in /etc/ppp (details
>> to be determined on debian-policy) and look for
>> /^distributed-net.*UP=YES/ or exit silently.

Adam> This is silly.  It's a conffile, if you want it turned off, then
Adam> chmod a-x it.

	Firstly, I think we should minimize the number of conffiles on
 the system. A one line addition to the script shall meke this

	Secondly, I do not like the concept of changing the operation
 of a package, having it send off packets off machine without
 authorizzation, and tell the users change permission on the script if
 you don't like this.

	Changing permissions is a hack, which is required only because
 of lack of foresight in the script.

	A standard one line change is all I ask for.

Adam> If you want it shipped turned off, then ship it
Adam> without the execute bit.

	This is a hack. No one should ask users to go about changing
 permissions on programs, especially when a simple solution exists.

Adam> Why add more debian-specific, PPP-specific infrastructure for
Adam> well-established 'run-parts' type infrastructure.

	Oh, for gods sake. No one is changing "run parts
 infrastructure". We are asking for a standard control infrastructure
 for ip-up/down scripts, as running all scripts at all times is sub

Adam> Why have yet another file to parse thru and understand and
Adam> submit bugs against when we have 'chmod' and 'rm' and the
Adam> conffiles mechism?

	Because the so called parse through is a one liner:
 egrep "^$progname.*UP=YES" /etc/ppp/ip.conf || exit 0
 "parse thru and understand and submit bugs against"! Blah!. 

	Additionally, we should minimize conffiles, the solution
 offered here provides a single point of control, the parsing
 is easy, the syntax of the conffile is simple enough that GUI
 frontends can be provided, if needed, and no one has to hack scripts
 or permissions to turn an ip script on or off.

	I class the current situation as conffile abuse ;-) ;-)
>> The default should be OFF, since nothing is put in the file at
>> all. If the sysadmin wants it, they can edit in the configuration
>> file.

Adam> See above.  Certainly possible I am not adversed to shipping it
Adam> mode 0644 rather than 0755....

	Hack. Hack. Hack. 

>> Most sites have cron jobs set up already.

Adam> You might be confused.  The only cron job that is at all
Adam> obliquely connected to distributed-net is a weekly log rotation.

	Any site worth its salt already handles all the stuff that
 ip-up down scripts do. That is what I was referring to.

	Again, this is a general proposal for all ip-up down scripts,
 and one which provides an easy oevrview of all script active
 (cat /etc/ppp/ip.conf)


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