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Reorganize debian documentation

[Bcc'd to debian-devel so followups will go to debian-policy]

I don't know if i'm the only one with this problem, but I can never find the
debian docs when I want them. I can never remember which of the following the
file I want is in:


I would like to suggest we make a new directory in the policy and have the
various debian-specific files installed in subdirectories under it.

something like:

	bugs-system/	(doc-debian)
	FAQ/		(doc-debian)
	policy/		(debian-policy)
	fsstnd/		(debian-policy)
	developers-reference/ (developers-reference)
	packaging/	(dpkg)
	debian-keyring/	(dpkg *and* doc-debian ?!?)

I've listed which packes currently have the files I listed, I don't personally
care if that changes as long as I can find them. I might suggest making each
subdirectory a new package doc-debian-FOO though.


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