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Re: Clarification of Policy and Packaging manuals requested

Ian Jackson wrote:
> In fact, it is _configuration files_ and not just conffiles which are
> (or should be) removed on purge.

You're right.
> > 4.2
> > 
> >      The configuration files `/etc/services', `/etc/protocols', and
> >      `/etc/rpc' are managed by the netbase package and may not be modified
> >      by other packages.
> > 
> > If these weren't conffiles, there would be no real reason other packages
> Yes, there would.  Packages shouldn't go messing with each others'
> files without permission.

I was thinking that one of the most common reasons to make a configuration
file not be a conffile is so it can be modified by other packages.
(Typically this happens by means of a script provided in the package that
"owns" the configuration file). For example, /etc/mailcap is not a conffile,
it is modified by install-mime, which is run by a variety of packages.

see shy jo

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