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Re: glibc_2.0.7pre1-3 uploaded to master

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Christian Hudon wrote:

> On Tuesday, March 03, Dale Scheetz wrote
> > 
> > Format: 1.5
> > Date: Sun,  1 Mar 1998 19:02:48 -0500
> > Source: glibc
> > Binary: timezones libc6 libc6-pic libc6-dbg locales libc6-doc libc6-dev
> > Architecture: source i386 all
> > Version: 2.0.7pre1-3
> Ugh. There really should be something in the Policy Manual against using
> 'pre'. It doesn't seem to be a widely known fact, but according to dpkg:
> $dpkg --compare-versions 2.0.7pre-3 lt 2.0.7-4 || echo 'Uhoh... 2.0.7pre-4 > 2.0.7-5'
> Huhoh... 2.0.7pre-4 > 2.0.7-5
> Well, I suppose one could use 'rel' instead of an epoch:

I understood this when I did it, and expected to identify the released
version as 2.0.7rel for this very reason.

> $dpkg --compare-versions 2.0.7pre-3 lt 2.0.7rel-1 && echo Everything ok.
> Everything ok.
> But in the future, either dpkg should be changed to understand 'pre'
> correctly or people should be warned against it.
I agree the facts need to be advertised to help avoid the pitfalls, but I
don't see it as a really big deal (although it would be nice if dpkg could
understand this, it isn't really necessary)

Waiting is,

P.S. Please keep me in the CC list on this thread. I am not subscribed to
policy, but would like to keep track of this one.
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