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Re: Handling of /etc/printcap

david@eos.lugs.ch (David Frey)  wrote on 17.01.98 in <E0xtaYH-0000BZ-00@eos.lugs.ch>:

> I today just found out, that my magicfilter violates the newest policy
> by rewritting /etc/printcap, which is lpr|lprng's confile.
> What would be the correct solution for this problem? Shall I require that
> the lpr|lprng maintainer writes a modify-printcap command, so that I could
> do a 'modify-printcap --replace if=/usr/sbin/...-filter printer'

I don't see the point. There's nothing particularly valuable in the  
default printcap file. I'd prefer for those packages to not include any  
printcap, and create one in the postinst instead if none is there. That  
way, dpkg won't bother the admin about it on every upgrade, plus  
magicfilter is automatically out of this particular trouble.

OTOH, I've installed the bo magicfilter on some boxes - why can't it  
initialize its variables from the existing printcap so its defaults are  
actually sensible?

MfG Kai

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