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Re: palm<->pc ppp over cradle?

> Ok I did that, enabled Serial to PC on palm, and connected. But my palm
> still does not get any data from the pc it is connected to, and no data
> from the network.
For it to get data from the internet, unless you have spare
IPs lying around, you will need to setup masquerading.  If
its just to other computers on your LAN things should be

> They get connected, and the proxyarp interface is set, but nothing
> happens than.. I tried to finger username@ but it failed with
> and error that it could not open the tcp port.
I take it you are using a palm finger client?

Just as a test, perhaps try something else, like AvantGo or
TG Postman or FXPilot or something.

Daniel Dent    |
ddent@vc.bc.ca |

If it ain't broke, tweak it!

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