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Re: Avantgo plugin [Re: new jpilot 0.99.2 .deb available]

> Le dimanche 07 avril 2002 à 16:13:05, Ludovic Rousseau a écrit:
> > Le Sunday 07 April 2002 à 17:45:02, Nikhil Goel a écrit:
> > > Cool to see the package being maintained again, Any plans to include the 
> > > Avantgo plugin?
> > 
> > If the Debian GNU/Linux parts are free software as defined by the DFSG
> > why not. But I don't use avantgo so can't make any promise.
> > 
> > I just went to visit avantgo.com and it seams I need a Windows or MacOS
> > operating system to just _create_ an account :-(
> > Too bad!
> After one month of debug and work with the upstream author I can
> announce the inclusion of jpilot-syncmal 0.71-2 in Debian. You can get
> it from unstable [1].
> You can use the script jpilot-syncmal-prc-install to easily install the
> AvantGo .prc applications in your Palm pilot. These files are non free
> so are not distributed with the Debian package.

The timing is somewhat unfortunate as AvantGo has been steadily getting less 
and less useful.

I guess they're now into the stage of needing to draw in cash flows to justify 
their existence to investors; that means they can't continue to "give away" a 
level of service that would be deemed "decent."  It looks like they're trying 
to sell to corporate clients.

The natural result is that the quality of the news services that are available 
are going down for one-off users.  Plucker and SiteScooper are looking 
increasingly preferable...
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