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Unidentified subject!

	I just switched over to debian on
the power pc platform (a performa 6400). To
date I've had more luck getting a reliable
pilot-xfer than I have with other PPC distributions,
which is a good thing.

	I have /dev/pilot as a symlink to /dev/ttyS0,
which is the port I have the pilot cradle attached to.
If I type pilot-xfer -b ~/pilot, I can get a full backup
to my pilot directory.  (I do not specify the baud rate, if
I do my connection becomes unreliable.)

	However, I can't use any other tools. I'd love
to use kpilot or gnome-pilot or what ever(just some
thing so I have even half the functionality of
the palm desktop), but as soon as I specify /dev/pilot 
and a baud rate of 9600 (which I understand is the 
default for pilot-link) the connection is
either never made (99% of the time) or is
made for a short period of time and then

	Has anything similar happened to other
people? Or is there a resource availible for
how to trouble shoot a situation like this?
(All the HOWTO's and articles I've read seem
to assume you can't mess this up, but I seem
to have... and right out of the box too!)


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