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digikam: problems with EXIF (nikon D300)


I am new to digikam and digital photography. I experience few, perhaps related, problems.

1. The metadata in exif and makernote are lost after transforming a photo. (Tested on rotating and resizing.)

2. After starting digikam, my terminal gets cluttered with warning such as this

Warning: Size 5291 of Exif.Nikon3.0x0091 exceeds \
  4096 bytes limit. Not decoded.

Q: How can I preserve all the photo metadata?
Q: Should I worry because of the warnings I get?
   Even if not  - how to avoid them?

I use a Nikon D300.  Photos are recorded in large tiffs.

  digikam	: 0.9.4
  kde		: 3.5.10
  libtiff4	: 3.8.2-11


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