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LHF report (Was: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2022-07-21, 17:00 UTC (tomorrow))

Dominic Hargreaves, on 2022-07-21:
> Our next Low-Hanging Fruit Session[1] on IRC is tomorrow:
> 2022-07-21, 17:00 UTC, #debian-perl @ irc.debian.org (A.K.A. OFTC)


In spite of the ongoing DebConf22, there has been an, however
small, LHF session.  Here are the notes from the meeting:


present: emollier
hellos/waves from: mones, gregoa, dam
regrets from: 

Work done

* new upstream releases: libpdf-table-perl

Have a nice day,  :)
  .''`.  Étienne Mollier <emollier@debian.org>
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