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Re: How to sneak in CFLAGS and LDFLAGS into findimagedupes build

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille, on 2021-04-17 11:04:54 +0200:
> Hi Perl experts,
> Debian Trends motivated me to switch findimagedupes[1] from cdbs to dh.
> I also enabled salsa-ci and learned that the hardening flags are not
> propagated properly[2].  I admit I have no idea how the build might work
> at all.  Can you give any hint how the hardening flags can be
> propagated?

I don't consider myself a Perl expert, but I had a look at this
issue, and had the general impression that FLAGS needed to be
manually pushed through ExtUtil::MakeMaker(3pm), and then down
to Inline::C(3pm).  I came up with propagate-flags.patch, which
I pushed on Salsa[1], if you wish to have a look.

But maybe there are better options than my implementation, I'm
not exactly happy of the -shared I had to manually append to
LDDLFLAGS in the C.pm, and the various FLAGS behavior in Inline
is not especially clear without having the manual at hand.

> Kind regards
>      Andreas.
> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/findimagedupes
> [2] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/findimagedupes/-/jobs/1589952

Have a nice day,  :)
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