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Re: Packages in 'Request for Upload', DD and PGP

Hi Ken

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020 05:37:11 CET Ken Ibbotson wrote:
> I have been part of the group for a short time - still getting my head
> around some aspects.

No problem.

> However, two packages that I uploaded indicated that they are in some
> *Request for Upload* stream.
> *libintl-perl*  still shows Peter Eisentraut, and has upstream changes to
> address
> *libtest-fitesque-perl*  is a new package and stops
> libtest-fitesque-rdf-perl
> I did some searching on the Debian Perl Group pages, but have not found any
> details on how to get them uploaded.

Basically, a DD from Debian Perl group should review your work and upload the 
package (or get back to you with improvement suggestions)

> How do I get these packages in the upload stream processed?

A mail like this one is the right way. Although the title of the mail should 
indicate that your requesting a review.

Also, you should provide links to let people download your work. A link to the 
git repo on salsa is enough.

> I guess this would not happen if I was a DD, so it would be appreciated if
> someone could also provide a link / explain what is needed to become a DD.

please see https://wiki.debian.org/DebianDeveloper/JoinTheProject

In any case, you need to become familiar with the project and its practices 
before applying. Updating Perl packages is a good way to do it. I did start 
this way 10 years ago.

> I have my PGP key, so also wondering whether all email should include same
> or just selected emails - if so what governs inclusion?

Err, I've not understood your question

> I have updated Git local and origin, and starting to exchange keys to build
> Web of Trust.
> Would be happy to engage others to exchange keys.

See https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2020/09/msg00000.html

Hope this helps


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