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Re: Debian Perl Group Policy document should be updated to suggests debhelper-compat v13?

On Fri, 06 Nov 2020 14:49:02 +0100, Joenio Marques da Costa wrote:

> I wondering if the Debian Perl Group Policy page (link below) must be
> updated to suggests debhelper-compat 13 instead of debhelper-compat 12 as we
> have today.

Good catch, thanks for noticing.

Historically, we've been a bit conservative in recommending the
minimum debhelper version, as new versions often didn't change
anything for our packages. Recently, most of us and our tools started
to use the new debhelper versions and compatibility levels, as they
provided advantages.

Anyway, I've changed 12 to 13 in the only place I found in
policy.pod. If there's anything else to change, please just go ahead.


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