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Re: lintian-brush adds redundant data

Hi Gregor,

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 12:47:56AM +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> > I've implemented this. lintian-brush will attempt to update these
> > fields in debian/copyright only and remove them from debian/upstream/metadata.
> That means that dh-make-perl and dpt-debian-upstream should also at
> least stop adding the Name and Contact fields. I think this makes
> sense, we've only added them because they were in the spec and we
> already had the data, but they didn't make alot of sense to me (as
> duplicates from d/copyright, as you both noted). -- In fact we are
> only caring about Repository* and Bug* fields (the former were the
> reason why we started to use d/u/m in the first place).

Since you speak about notes to yourself:  We should also think about
what fields from d/u/m should be stored in UDD.  Currently the
bibliographic references are stored but since I had no actual use for
other fields these are ignored for the moment.
> I'll make these changes in the perl tools; I'm just wondering, and
> that's why I'm writing a public email :), if other tools and/or other
> teams use these fields as well and should be notified. Or, in other
> words, I fear that having this change only in some thread on -devel
> might not be enough.

ACK.  Thanks for that very valid point.

Kind regards



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