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According to lintian we have a dozen packages of dual life modules in
sid that are 'useless' in the sense that the modules are also shipped
in the Perl core with at least the same version.

The dependency metadata in the Perl core packages is set up so that
these separate packages are installable as long as the version is at
least the same as the one in Perl core. So most of these are installable
but provide no additional functionality.

A few of the packages already have RC bugs, at least libautodie-perl
(#915550), libcpan-meta-perl (#915876) and libextutils-parsexs-perl

It seems clear to me that we don't want to ship any of these duplicated
modules in buster, but before filing more bugs I wanted to discuss whether
we want them removed from sid as well, as suggested by Dom in #915550
and Cyrille in #912682.

The tradeoff I can see is that removal from sid means a trip to NEW if we
ever want/need to reintroduce them, but keeping them in sid indefinitely
bloats the archive etc. In the case where the separate package is actually
uninstallable (currently just libextutils-parsexs-perl), having it in sid
is also a burden to other developers doing archive wide CI testing etc.

I think for my part I'm slightly inclined to having them all removed
from sid, so any objections to that?

In any case, I'd like to have libextutils-parsexs-perl removed as it's
showing up on all kinds of automated test reports.

(Historically, we had to look at versioned dependencies before removing
such packages, but with Perl now declaring versioned Provides for them,
that should not be a concern anymore.)


libautodie-perl 2.29-2 with 2.29
libcpan-meta-perl 2.150010-2 with 2.150010
libcpan-meta-requirements-perl 2.140-1 with 2.140
libcpan-meta-yaml-perl 0.018-1 with 0.018
libextutils-cbuilder-perl 0.280230-1 with 0.280230
libextutils-parsexs-perl 3.350000-1 with 3.390000
libio-socket-ip-perl 0.39-1 with 0.39
libmodule-load-conditional-perl 0.68-1 with 0.68
libmodule-metadata-perl 1.000033-1 with 1.000033
libpod-simple-perl 3.35-1 with 3.35
libsocket-perl 2.027-2+b1 with 2.027
libtest-harness-perl 3.42-1 with 3.42

Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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