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Re: Random autopkgtest failures on libnet-server-mail-perl

Control: reassign -1 libio-socket-ssl-perl

Le 03/01/2019 à 18:26, Xavier a écrit :
> After many tests, it seems that (since Perl-5.28) connection on test
> server is refused randomly under heavy load before test is run.
> Since I'm also upstream, I'll try to build a better test.
> Cheers,
> Xavier

Bug found: when running "make test" with only 1 CPU, test fails.

$ taskset 0x1 make test

After some debug, it appears that IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL silently
exits here (line 1542 of /usr/share/perl5/IO/Socket/SSL.pm, launch by
t/starttls line 113):

   my $result = ${*$socket}{'_SSL_arguments'}{SSL_server}
        ? $socket->accept_SSL(%to)
        : $socket->connect_SSL(%to);

During this test either main and child process have a IO::Socket::SSL

For now, I'm going to disable this part of test.

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