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Re: Bug#906901: debian-policy: Perl script shebang requirement is disturbing and inconsistent with rest of policy

Hi Ian,

> This confusing user experience only occurs if someone prepends a
> different perl to $PATH.  Has anyone actually ever done this and got
> useful results ?  Has anyone actually even wanted to do this ?

Not that I know off in a separate PATH, but I have seen perl in 
/usr/local/bin quite some time.

>   Norbert, is your concern theoretical, or is this a thing you have
>   actually wanted to do ?

I personally have no need for it, but I use servers where this is 
done, mostly to get newer perl than what is shipped.

> but it was buried in a longer mail and Norbert seems to have missed

Seems so, sorry.

> I certainly agree that this should be demoted to a SHOULD right away.




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