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Re: Bug#906901: debian-policy: Perl script shebang requirement is disturbing and inconsistent with rest of policy


On Tue, 21 Aug 2018, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Perl folks, the short version is that Lintian wasn't actually checking for
> scripts that used /usr/bin/env perl, so our check when we closed #683495
> was bogus.  Lintian has now changed based on Policy, and it looks like
> there were around 2,000 scripts in Debian that were using the /usr/bin/env
> perl form.
> Any feelings about where we should go from here?

Yes, relax the requirement to a "should" again and downgrade the severity
of the lintian tag to a warning, but get #904409 implemented so that the
vast majority of packages maintainers have nothing to do to get it right.

> I do feel like allowing either based on the whim of the packager is just
> kind of bad.  It produces inconsistent behavior to no real benefit for
> anyone.  If you install a Perl earlier in your PATH, you get totally
> unpredictable behavior, and everyone will be unhappy half the time.

Ack, IMO the decision was correct but the tooling was not ready for this.

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