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Re: Bug#906901: debian-policy: Perl script shebang requirement is disturbing and inconsistent with rest of policy

Hi Russ,

> Unpredictable behavior, where every command written in Perl behaves
> randomly based on the whim of the packager?

Well, so it be?

> commands in maintainer scripts).  But picking one or the other essentially
> at random (from the perspective of the user) sounds awful.

But we probably have the very same situation with any other interpreter.
ANyone ever checked the shebangs of python/php/lua/whatever scripts?

First of all, I don't see that this will happen on more then a very rare
basis - and if it happens, the user/admin who did this should be aware
that things might go not as smooth as expected.

And, if you decide on one of the two, again many packages will get
lintian errors. You mentioned that the env perl had about 2000 scripts,
I guess the /usr/bin/perl shebang will affect even more scripts.

None of that sounds like a good alternative.



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