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Re: libparse-edid-perl Debian package

On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 14:59:53 +0200, Guillaume Bougard wrote:

> I tagged the branch with "gbp --tags" and push to salsa.
> "debian/1.0.6-2" is pushed to the right commit (sorry I pushed too
> quickly the first time, so I deleted it and pushed it again to the
> lastest commit).

That's not a good idea. The tag should be set at upload time to make
sure that it matches what's in the archive; in case there are more
changes needed before the actual upload.
> According to what have read in Perl Group pages, and what I've
> understood, I'm intended to wait for a Debian Developer to build,
> sign and push the package.

As per our common practice I've reviewed the package and added TODO
items to debian/changelog in git.

A hint for the future: `dpt takeover ...' would have saved you some
(past and still outstanding) work :)
Also `dh-make-perl refresh ...' is very helpful.
And `cme fix dpkg'.


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