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Re: Introduction to debian perl team

Hi perl team,

I still introduced myself a long time ago, but after the Salsa migration it seems to me I need to redo the introduction.

I'm still in the process to push back fusioninventory-agent in Debian. I worked to port Gonéri Le Bouder work on fusioninventory-agent packaging.
I lately integrated an up-to-date debian folder in upstream repository. So I feel it's time to try again the debian integration.

I just registered the same account on Salsa. It is : gbougard-guest

All the best,

Guillaume Bougard 
Ingénieur R&D 

TECLIB' Montpellier 
3 rue Doria, 
34000 Montpellier, France 

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De: "Guillaume Bougard" <gbougard@teclib.com>
À: "Debian Perl List" <debian-perl@lists.debian.org>
Cc: "Gonéri Le Bouder" <goneri@debian.org>
Envoyé: Jeudi 29 Décembre 2016 20:28:10
Objet: Introduction to debian perl team

Hi all,

I'm currently coming from the FusionInventory team as
fusioninventory-agent maintainer. I joined this team more than a year
ago and it's time for me to help fusioninventory-agent to reborn in
debian as current maintainer is engaged in another professional life.

I'm also working for Teclib as fusioninventory-agent main developer.

For people not knowing, fusioninventory-agent is a perl-base platform
independent agent mostly used for GLPI. You can find it on CPAN
looking at FusionInventory::Agent

I'm a 45 years old french guy involved in opensource softwares since 20
years. I worked mostly as admin but I also worked in system development
using shell, perl, python, and C languages. I'm also known as Tequila
on Smokin'Guns project (an ioq3-based game engine, maybe another target
for a debian package, but later as a personal project and surely not
in the debian perl team context).

Firstly, I want to become the fusioninventory-agent maintainer in
debian. This is a mid-term goal, there's no urgency. I'm in touch with
current maintainer but he's not fully available to be a mentor on my
work. I worked last weeks on a fork of his packaging work to prepare an
upload for sid, and so I'm looking here for a mentor to control my work
and upload the result.
My work is available on a dedicated branch on our github repository:

Tracker ref:

Secondly, I want also to participate in the debian perl group
activities as fusioninventory-agent depends on a lot of other perl lib.
And I can help to maintain other perl module packages and I hope their
somebody here to point me on suffering perl-based packages to look at.

My Alioth account is : gbougard-guest

Also, I manage to enter the process to upload the packages on mentors:

All the best,

Guillaume Bougard

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