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RFC: release-notes about Perl upgrade


Here's a proposal for an addition to the stretch release notes about 
the Perl upgrade. The same is available as HTML at 

5.3.6. Perl changes that may break things

    This section applies to code maintained outside Debian 9 - local,
    third-party or legacy Perl scripts and modules.

      * Some modules have been removed from Perl core and are now
        shipped in separate packages. Notable examples are CGI,
        available in the libcgi-pm-perl package, and Module::Build,
        available in the libmodule-build-perl package.

      * The current working directory (.) has been removed from the
        default list of include directories, @INC. This may affect
        usage of require(), do() etc., where the arguments are files
        in the current directory.

      * The full list of changes in Perl since the version in Debian
        8 is available in perl522delta (https://metacpan.org/pod/
        release/RJBS/perl-5.22.0/pod/perldelta.pod) and perl524delta
        perldelta.pod) .

Thanks to gregoa, olly, bremner and nicomen who gave suggestions on 

My wish list for improvements are the title and (a link to) some 
suggestion how to fix code broken by the no-dot-in-INC change.


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