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Re: Fwd: Debian SunCamp 2017

Alex Muntada:

> we've set the final dates for Debian Sun Camp and we hope that
> our Perl friends will be joining us. That is, this year's Perl
> sprint will be taking place in Lloret as part of the DSC.

My proposal for this year's Perl sprint was to join DSC in
Lloret the weekend of May 20:


Since there's people that won't be able to make it on that date
that may be interested to have the sprint in another weekend,
I prepared a new poll to accommodate everyone:


If anybody wants to propose a different weekend and venue,
please modify the poll columns, add the new option and send
a message to the list, so people can revisit the poll and add
their availability for that new column.

As soon as we decide on the final dates, we need to prepare the
budget in order to ask DPL for sponsorship. Please, add your
travel details in the wiki page:


It would be great if we could pick the final dates by Mar 1st,
though the hard deadline should be no later than Mar 8th.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me in private for any help,
feedback or concerns you may need.


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