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LHF report (was: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2016-12-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow))

On Tue, 20 Dec 2016 00:00:05 +0000, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:

> Our next Low-Hanging Fruit Session[1] on IRC is tomorrow:
> 2016-12-21, 19:00 UTC, #debian-perl @ irc.debian.org (A.K.A. OFTC)

Some notes, based on the gobby doc:


knowledgejunkie, gregoa, fsfs, axhn, carnil, knowledgejunkie, ntyni,
alexm, olly

Work done

* update libtext-reflow-perl, libcatalyst-perl,
  libcatalyst-view-csv-perl, libcbor-xs-perl, libmojolicious-perl,
* discuss RC bugs, esp. the "random test failure" ones, see below
* look over other RC bugs
* discuss team sprint 2017

"Randomly FTBFS" RC bugs

axhn started to write a text for a bug report against release.debian.org
which was not sent after we disovered #844264. (Later ntyni and fsfs
commented there).

Affected bugs from https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=ftbfs-randomly;users=sanvila@debian.org

#845167 lemonldap-ng: FTBFS randomly (failing tests)                                                                    
#848060 libx11-protocol-other-perl: FTBFS randomly (failing tests)
#848408 libapp-termcast-perl: FTBFS randomly (failing tests)
#848409 libchi-driver-redis-perl: FTBFS randomly (failing tests)
#834912 libfile-tee-perl: FTBFS randomly (Failed 1/2 test programs)
#843052 libterm-filter-perl: FTBFS randomly (failing tests)

Other similar bugs:
#846667 libpoe-loop-event-perl: FTBFS: Test failures

From https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=844264#35

jcristau, release team member:
| The common rule is that FTBFS is serious.  Then there's the real world,
| where e.g. some tests are timing-dependent and so don't always fail, but
| having them is still better than not, so if the failure rate is low
| enough I think a lower severity can make sense.

Some quotes from IRC during the meeting and on the next day:

21:34 <gregoa> ok, so could go through them, forward upstream where
               not already happened, disable if the failure is
               somehow probable. lower severity for the sporadic
               cases with a reference to msg #35 in this bug and add
               that we're also fine with stretch-ignore
21:36 <fsfs> gregoa: sounds good
[next day]
10:43 <Dom> so what's the current thinking on randomly-occurring FTBFS being RC?
10:45 <fsfs> Dom: I think we should make sure to have those failures
             forwarded upstream, and then it's either downgrading the
             bugs or disabling the test. I'd prefer downgrading, and
             my feeling is that the release team does so, too
10:48 <Dom> Yeah, downgrading is much better than disabling the test
10:59 <carnil> ack yes
11:00 <carnil> I don't have much to say, sicne was quite inactive
               regarding recent FTBFS bugreports, but it feels not
               right to just going to disable the testsuite because
               rare/small failing probability

See you again next year: 2017-01-21, 17:00 UTC, #debian-perl @


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