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Minutes of the DebConf 2016 BoF: "use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group"

On Sun, 03 Jul 2016 16:16:05 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:

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> I've now created a gobby doc on gobby.debian.org → debconf16 → bof →
> pkg-perl (or readonly at
> https://gobby.debian.org/export/debconf16/bof/pkg-perl ).

Thanks to everyone attending the meeting on-site or remotely, and
thanks especially to all who took notes on gobby which I'm pasting
below. A recording of the talk should be available soon as well.




Welcome, who's here?

* Introduce yourself if you like

- on-site: gregoa, carnil, dom, kanashiro, rhonda, christian,
  bremner, nodens, intrigeri, ntyni, wendar
- on IRC: knowledgejunkie, jonas (at the end)

Reports from Sprints

* Zürich, May 2016

  - 6 attendees (dom, carnil, gregoa, nyko, + alex and axel)
  - Perl 5.24
  - usual QA tasks
  - set up new package rebuild infrastructure, based on debomatic; mainly meant
    to test how our packages fare with newer Perl 5.xy's, currently building
    continuously for Perl 5.24
  - see the report for details

* DebCamp / Cape Town, June 2016

  - worked on tools e.g. dh-make-perl
  - usual QA tasks
  - cleaned up 1 git-debcherry repo
  - made more packages reproducible, now only 2 non-reproducible packages, and
    3203 reproducible ones (thanks to #debian-reproducible for the help)
  - see upcoming report for details

* next year?

 - Another Sprint ?
   - last one was quite productive
   - May is good since usually there's a new Perl upstream to integrate
     at that time
   - how to involve more people?
     · event at YAPC::EU, e.g. packaging training session ⇒ recruit new
       pkg-perl members
     · sprint before or after YAPC::EU? (this year: August 24-26)

Low-hanging fruit sessions


* look back on 2015/16
  - 21st of each month, 18:00 UTC
  - 8 happened, 2 cancelled
  - 6.25 participants on average
  - 14 unique persons
  - between 1 and 8 times (8: ntyni), 3.64 on average
  - topics:
    + packaging: new upstream releases, autopkgtest, RC bugs
    + discussions: 5.22 transition, sprints, bugs, hardening flags
  - very few people attending and activity, but worth going on
    (even if it's just to say "hi!") as the cost is very low
    and it provides a coordination time
  - 1800 UTC is not good for people outside of Europe (but the year before
    we were alternating between a Europe-friendly time and US time, and US 
    time session were scarsely attended)
* look forward to 2016/17
  - ntyni will write email about LHF timing

Team status

* commit stats for last year: committer-stats (scripts.git)
  - 56 persons with at least one commit in the last 365 days
    (vs. 58 in 2014/2015)
  - 14 people with > 100 commits
    (vs. 11 in 2014/2015)
  - Still less than some years, but at least constant with last year
* ping inactive members: find-inactive-contributors + mail-merge (scripts.git)
  - pkg-ruby-extras provided a script that we could reuse
  - ~200 inactive people out of ~280 Alioth group members 
    (inactive = 2 years without touching any file)
  - some of them might had a -guest alioth account in the past and are now DD
  - action: email inactive people
  - action: coordinate with MIA team?

Perl 5.24


* Stretch will have 5.24
* packaging looks good, is in experimental, works as far as we know
* <100 bugs filed
  - only a few real blockers (including Data::Alias)
  - 8 FTBFS
* file transition bug against release.d.o this week!
* aim for transition in ~August

Projects for next time, items for discussion

* https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/OpenTasks and the
  above mentioned sprint pages

* salvaging lib.*-perl packages
  - last week gregoa NMU'ed a few lib.*-perl packages that were using dh compat
    level 4, and last upload was also gregoa, etc. ⇒ we should salvage/adopt
    these packages
  - Don't skip the MIA process (that can be done in parallel) otherwise people
    going MIA may be missed since we've adopted their packages.
  - NMU during the MIA process (2-3 month at most) - now "considered
    perfectly acceptable in Debian" ;)
  - we seem to have a clear consensus on this as a group: apparently,
    "aggressively mailing MIA"

* language packaging skills exchange, e.g. with Ruby (and Emacs!) folks
  - goal: show tools to each other, not come up with big guidelines
  - have a formal BoF instead of doing it at the pub only
    + submitted by zeha and gregoa, to be confirmed by contents team

* uploads during the freeze?
  - different policies were used in the past: sometimes we kept up uploading to sid,
    except very important packages; for Jessie we didn't upload much, if at all,
    and then we had a big backlog of new upstream versions to upload
  - uploading to experimental creates duplicated work (re-uploading to sid later),
    and then packages are not tested against each other (since experimental is
    only an overlay on top of sid)
  - for Stretch: be careful […]
  - case by case basis: use your judgement (leaf packages are probably OK)

* Interpreter not packaged by the same team ?
  - help always welcome, but everyone is very happy with the work of nyko and dom

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