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perl testing server

Hi all,

At the team sprint in Zürich last weekend, Niko and I spent some time
setting up a test server[1] running an instance of debomatic, a
package auto-builder. This allows us to more easily schedule perl 5.$next
rebuild tests, and share the results for processing, compared to
previous years. It should also enable us to test other things (for
example, rebuilding Debian packages using perl with the new testing
framework Test2). At the moment, the machine is a VM hosted on
infrastructure run by myself and a few others[2].

As well as setting up the infrastructure (using ansible) and updating
scripts[3] for scheduling the rebuilds, we patched debomatic to remove
the need for it to run as root, populate a reprepro repository,
and a few other things that might be of wider interest.

At the moment, we are keeping notes about this infrastructure and
the current tests at a gobby doc, linked from

I intend to publish both the ansible repository and the debomatic patches
once they are in a slightly more presentable state...

How you can help: the most obvious thing is checking the build logs
for failures and tracking/triaging/bugreporting/fixing them using
the gobby doc. The easiest way to see failures is to filter the
rather javascript-heavy page listed on the gobby doc to show failures
only, and update the gobby doc to show what you've done. My own
preference is to file bugs even if the fixes are relatively minor
and something you intend to deal with, as a way of tracking the impact
the transition had, but if this feels like makework, it's not critical.

Let's aim for a migration during (the early) Debconf ;)

Once the arch:all rebuild (of all source packages which produce
binary packages which depend on perl) has completed in a few days,
we can also set the machine to work on other tasks. Can someone confirm
what we want to do here re Test2 - just rebuild all perl-using packages
with libtest-simple-perl from experimental installed?

For now, please ask me or Niko for requests for things to build
(ideally with commands files as per[4]). Hopefully we we can get
direct access to team members sorted out in the near future.

I'm also pondering ways to open up log searching to everyone, so let
me know if you know of a good/simple web tools/search engines I could
install for that.


[1] <http://perl.debian.net/>
[2] <http://www.spiny.org.uk/>
[3] <http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-perl/scripts.git/>
[4] <http://perl.debian.net:3000/commands>

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