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Re: [Reproducible-builds] Wrong reproducibility reported for libdevel-cover-perl? (i.e. I suspect a false negative)

Hi Mattia,

Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > I suppose embedding build paths is too widespread to make eliminating
> > that feasible, and making the build path the same is easy enough?
> The build path is encodeded inside ELF binaries (in some debug fields,
> iirc), so we can't really change it between builds, or otherwise every
> compiled thing would be unreproducible.

Thanks for that explanation!

> There is work going on to be able to avoid having that data included in
> the binary at all, but that is requiring changes in gcc (dkg is taking
> care of this bit).

Urgs. But cool that someone is working on this. Much appreciated!

> For some history on why we gave up on this see
> https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/History#Giving_up_on_build_paths
> (that would need to be updated to match the current WIP, though).

Ah, even a list of what has been tried. Cool!

> So, yes, we are not varying the build path, and we're aware of it :)

Thanks again for all the details. That makes it much easier to
understand the general issue.

Looking forward to what will happen next on that topic. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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