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Re: Bug#815190: dh-make-perl: Accesses apt-file 3 cache directly

On Wed, 06 Apr 2016 06:52:59 +0000, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

(CC'ing debian-perl, as this belongs more on the list than in the
BTS + R-T and M-F-T set.)

> > > https://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2016/03/msg00038.html
> I guess you can proceed with your initial plan and see what breaks. We 
> can easily restore the non-native package if that proves to have some 
> benefits.

Ok, let's go this way.
> > I'm happy to upload (a non-native or native) package to the archive
> > and to Alioth (but I can't upload to CPAN). -- Dam, what's your
> > preference?
> I'd say do it how you see it fit. I won't miss the tar.gz on alioth, 
> nor the CPAN upload.

I've now uploaded 0.90-1, so a last non-native version, to the
archive and to Alioth. Simply because we already have it :)

Will start 0.91 and go for native now.
> If taking the native package route, perhaps a news entry on the alioth 
> page stating the end of the orig.tar.gz releases would be in order. 

Sounds good; I just can't find where to do this right now :)

> I can schedule deletion off CPAN or upload a README-only dist 
> explaining the situation.

Yes, please. Thanks!
> I am also happily willing to give you co-maint status on CPAN if that 
> is what you prefer.

This hasn't worked the last time we tried (due to some permission
issues -- I think you're not the owner of all files but only have
co-maint on them, or something similar). But since we're both not to
eager on continuing the CPAN releases, it's not worth to invest time


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