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Re: Next low-hanging fruits session: 2015-07-21, 17:00 UTC

On Tue, 14 Jul 2015 16:31:28 +0200, intrigeri wrote:

> our next LHF session will take place on #debian-perl (OFTC)
> on Tuesday, July 21, at 17:00 UTC.
> I won't be able to attend, once again :/

Thanks for the reminder! We had a small but long meeting tonight.
Here's a report:

pkg-perl low-hanging fruits session, 2015-07-21


dam, XTaran, gregoa, fsfs (later)

Rolling sprint at DebCamp

* Quick reminder/status update.
* Cf. https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2015/DebianPerlDebCamp
  Please sign up if you haven't yet.
* Preparation of signs for the venue.

Perl 5.22 transition

* There are lots of trivial bugs that need patches/NMUS:
* We could start with NMUs, to e.g. DELAYED/15.
  (DevRef would even allow 5-days.)

And we did:

#786675: dh-lisp: Build-Depends on obsolete perl5  [DONE]
#786677: htag: Build-Depends on obsolete perl5  [takeover; DONE]
#786678: libconvert-units-perl: Build-Depends on obsolete perl5
         [takeover; DONE]
#786681: librtf-document-perl: Build-Depends on obsolete perl5
         [takeover; DONE]
#670750: librtf-document-perl: Helping to update to packaging
         format 3.0 [OBSOLETED, hence DONE]


While using dpt-* (debian perl tools, our helper set) in the
NMus/takeovers, XTaran fixed some issues.

Bugs filed elsewhere

#793151: quilt: Please ship dpatch2quilt.sh as /usr/bin/dpatch2quilt
         instead of as example


The next meeting is, according to our plan at
https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/LHF , scheduled for
2015-08-21, 22:00 UTC.
This is during DebConf (and IIRC the day were the pkg-perl BoF is in
the preliminary schedule).

What do people think? My guesses are that
- an LHF meeting at midnight during DebConf is difficult;
- we will evaluate this year's meetings and plan for the future
  during the pkg-perl BoF during this week.


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