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lintian use warnings FATAL => 'all' check?


A few perl 5.22 FTBFS bugs were caused by a new deprecation warning
together with use warnings FATAL => 'all'. This problem is eloquently
described at [1], which suggests not using this pragma form.

This looks like an ideal case for a lintian warning. Because it's
somewhat controversial, we'd probably want to start gently, with a
low severity warning, and with careful wording (particularly around
advice for what to do instead).

I'm not able to put any time into this in the near future - would
anyone else be interested in taking this on with a wishlist bug/patch
to Lintian, or views about the merits of this idea?


[1] <http://www.modernperlbooks.com/mt/2014/01/fatal-warnings-are-a-ticking-time-bomb.html>

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