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Re: Analysis of dual-lived modules updates on 5.22


Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> I've gone through the changes to dual-lived module Breaks in perl 5.22,
> and drawn up a list of packages which need attention:
> https://people.debian.org/~dom/perl/dual-lived.txt

Took me at least two times reading to understand the comments, but
sounds sane to me now.

> On which note: does anyone know why (for example):
>     ssh mirror.ftp-master.debian.org dak rm -Rn libautodie-perl
> lists, eg, librun-parts-perl for removal, when libautodie-perl is
> provided by perl the the librun-parts-perl dep is unversioned?

Interesting. I've dropped that dependency in experimental but seem to
have forgotten to do that in unstable. Thanks for the unintentional
hint. :-)

But anyway, dh-dist-zilla seems to work good enough to bring its first
reverse build-dependency to unstable. That will end the nuisance of
having to maintain 4 to 5 git branches (master, upstream, pristine-tar
and debian; plus currently the one for dh-dist-zilla). Afterwards,
we'll likely only have 2 of them: master and pristine-tar. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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