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Update on perl 5.22 and associated testing

Hi all,

Here is a quick update on the work towards getting perl 5.22 into
unstable, following its inclusion into experimental at the Barcelona
sprint recently.

Rebuild testing of packages depending on libperl5.20 or perlapi-5.20
is now complete for amd64 and i386 and a test repository is


(you'll also need perl itself from the experimental repository).

It should be updated most days with new packages (although the
uploading step is still manual, so there could be hiatuses).

As always, I don't recommend you use this repository on any production
systems, as they won't match the official binNMUs which will come out
later, and I don't provide any guarantees about availability, correctness
or completeness. Having said that, it'd be helpful if people could
test out their favourite complex perl-using application in a test
environment with those packages, to find any early show-stopper bugs
not caught by rebuild testing. If you find a package missing, let me
know, but check it's not on the bug list already:


Thanks to those who have already worked to resolve several of the bugs
I posted; there will be more to come once I complete a rebuild of the
Arch: all lib*-perl packages, which I will do in a few weeks once the
dust from the binary rebuilds has settled. In the meantime gregor
has identified a large number of packages which need to be fixed to
build-depend on libmodule-build-perl: see the gobby document:

Teams/Perl/Module-Build-List on gobby.debian.org. Any remaining
will be filed as bugs later on.


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