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Report from the LHF session on 2014-11-21 (was: Next low-hanging fruits session: 2014-11-21, 5pm UTC)

On Sun, 16 Nov 2014 10:26:15 +0100, intrigeri wrote:

> our next low-hanging fruits session will take place on November 21,
> 5pm UTC, on #debian-perl.

And this meeting has happened now. Here are some quick minutes:

Attendees: alexm, Tincho, dam, gregoa
Regrets: ntyni, carnil, XTaran

Short summary of tasks we worked on:
- update launchpad subscriptions of our packages
- update OpenTasks page
- ping alioth project members (investigated, still TODO: Tincho)
- check packages in git where maintainer != group + ping
- ping maintainers for missing pushed tags
- discuss PET issues
  + add patch to PET git for stuck watch updates
  + update live PET instance, hoping for the best
- move pkg-perl-tools to standard post-receive hook
- discuss possible pkg-perl sprint next year
  + write a proposal for sprint (TODO by alexm)
    * accomodation: near city center vs. near meeting venue
    * meeting venue: upc.edu (not in city center) vs. somewhere near city center
    * meeting needs: wifi, power outlets, blackboards, coffee, sugar, water, etc.

The next LHF meeting will be on 2014-12-21 at 22:00 UTC, again on
#debian-perl (irc.debian.orh aka OFTC).
Cf. also the ical file at http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/pkg-perl.ics

Thanks to everyone who participated or sent regrets; and see you in a


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