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Re: Rebooting Low-Hanging Fruits sessions

gregor herrmann schreef op do 04-09-2014 om 14:49 [+0200]:
> This sounds more like a tutorial/mentoring/intro session which would
> also be nice to have. Of course everyone is invited to the LHF
> sessions but they are more targetted at already active contributors.
> Do you have any more details about what would help your
> team/employer?

Whoops, I was going to reply to this, and put it aside to become

Well, we have a few Perl devs here, so it's possible we could drum up
some interest for it.

Essentially our issue is that historically we've had a few Debian
developers on staff here, however just due to the vagaries of time,
they've moved on to other places, or are just busy people with many
other things to do. So we're attempting to get people together every so
often to learn the various skills and processes relating to Debian in
general, from packaging to how the processes work.

I think that using this as an excuse to get a few interested people here
poking at debian-perl packages can only be a good thing, whether fixing
issues with existing packages, or adding new ones (packages that is, not
issues :)

I'll see if I can line one up for the next session perhaps. Looks like
it'd be 10am on a Wednesday local time, which can't get much better

Robin Sheat
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