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RFC: Ideas around pkg-perl-autopkgtest


I've added an adequate test to pkg-perl-autopkgtest. Gregor mentioned
on IRC that "personally not so conviced that adequate is so useful in
this context, since (1) most of its tests don't seem relevant for perl
packages and (2) there might be a better place to run adequate for all
packages in the archive than ci/autopkgtest".

While I fully agree with (2), I still like the idea of having adequate
run automatically as I disagree with (1) -- IMHO even one potentially
useful test validates its usage.

Then again, we may have global adequate tests for all packages in the
future and then this specific pkg-perl-autopkgtest script may become

So now I'm thinking how I should change
liblingua-en-numbers-ordinate-perl where I played around with
autopkgtest a few months ago and which includes the same adequate test
currently. Actually I copied it from there.

I wondered how we could keep track properly which package uses which
test in pkg-perl-autopkgtest and one (still rough) idea is to use one
virtual package per included test.

I've made the according changes and pushed them to a separate branch
named autopkgtest-provides:


I'd be happy to hear how others think about this.

P.S.: I'm not at DebConf, hence this mail.

		Regards, Axel
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