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Re: Multi-Arch: same for arch-dep lib*-perl?

-=| Colin Watson, 27.08.2014 11:50:25 +0100 |=-
> It looks to me as though, with the new vendorarch layout in our Perl
> 5.20 packaging, typical architecture-dependent lib*-perl packages meet
> all the usual conditions for Multi-Arch: same.  Is there any reason why
> I shouldn't just go ahead and mark that for the small number of packages
> I maintain, and why we couldn't gradually start doing that across the
> board?

Would that need a dependency on perl (>= 5.20)? The first uploaded 
version with multiarch @INC is 5.20.0-1.

As for mass-adopting, I could create a lintian check to suggest that.

 -- dam

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