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Re: Bug#759265: override: perl:perl/important perl-modules:perl/important (and some others)

Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> writes:
> Please consider raising perl's priority to important (and the same for
> the packages it depends on). I'll followup with the full list later as I
> had it only in emacs's scratch buffer a few days ago...

It looks like it's just one more library besides perl and perl-modules
themselves. Here is the list:

  perl         Installed-Size: 22.1 MB Download-Size: 2652 kB
  perl-modules Installed-Size: 16.5 MB Download-Size: 2736 kB
  libdb5.3     Installed-Size: 1863 kB Download-Size:  671 kB

So it increases the install size of the important package set by 40.4 MB
and the download size by 5.9 MB.

(For comparison, downgrading aptitude to standard reduced the install
size by ~15 MB and download size by ~3 MB.)


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