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Re: Git repos cleanup

Quoting gregor herrmann (2014-08-21 23:38:37)
> - libcss-lessp-perl
> 2014-03-14
> Vasudev Kamath

I collaborate with Vasudev on above.  Still have an interest in it, 
simply forgot to move forward with it: It's a reverse dependency of 
libplack-middleware-assets-railslike-perl (bug#723158), which is also 
waiting for libsass (bug#694730) to be packaged, so will take a while 
but that is no excuse to finish the above specifically.

> - libdata-spreadpagination-perl
> 2014-03-18
> Vasudev Kamath

Above is also a collaboration with me - or it was: It was a reverse 
dependency for libcatmandu-perl but no longer. It can be dropped.

 - Jonas

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