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Re: Wheezy release of libnetpacket-perl 1.5.0?

On Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:52:00 -0600, Philip Prindeville wrote:

> Hi.


and sorry for the late reply.
> I'm running 7.6 and noticed that the Perl module Net::Packet is still at
> 1.3.0.  What's the chance of a bump to 1.5.0 which contains several useful
> fixes and enhancements?

To be honest, the chance is close to 0, at least at first glance.

Updates for stable releases are usually only accepted for security
fixes, or for other critical problems.

For libnetpacket-perl there's not a single bug report in any suite,
so it looks like there's nothing to fix in stable ...

If there's a critical problem in Net::Packet 1.3.0, an update might
be possible; "useful fixes and enhancements" are probably not enough
for stable-update.

But in this case, an upload to stable-backports might be an option.


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