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Re: Packaging of certain Perl modules

On Wed, 02 Jul 2014 14:51:26 +1200, Ben Cooksley wrote:

[Background for debian-perl: after I talked with Sune on IRC yesterday
he passed on my advice to Ben to reach us here.]

> Hi all,

Hi Ben,

glad you made it to our list :)
> I've been informed you folks are the ones to ask concerning the
> packaging in Debian of Perl. 

Yeah, we're packaging tons of CPAN distributions for Debian.

> At the moment we at KDE are trying to
> deploy Bugzilla 4.4, but have run into a few problems.
> In particular, to use email_in.pl one needs
> Email::MIME::Attachment::Stripper and Email::Reply which currently
> seem to be missing.

Both uploaded to the NEW queue, should be available in unstable in a
few days after the review by the ftp-masters.
> Also, to deploy Bugzilla using mod_perl, one needs the Linux::Pid module.

This is tracked as https://bugs.debian.org/684290
TBH, I'm no mod_perl expert, so maybe someone else could chime in
here (Dam maybe?) and we should continue this sub-thread in the bug


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